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January 21, 2019

CDN Content Delivery Network

At SEO Experteer we offer the fastest CDN Network possible to anyone. is a simple 3 step click process. Using NASA Technology.

Instant SSL and Brotli are just a few reasons why Hubble images are delivered around the Earth using CDN.

Static CDN Delivery

Speed up your online presence, be it website acceleration. Thanks to our highly progressive latency-based routing, we shorten the distance between the users and your content. With 30 locations spread around the globe, SEOExperteer makes sure your users stay on and come back to your website wherever they are.

Did you know your IP address, Website Hosting server and Content Delivery Network all play a role with SEO? 

Many SEO firms never delve into the backbone of SEO to find out crucial setups before starting SEO! SEO Experteer cater for the whole project form A – Z.

Live Streaming CDN

Deliver your live video seamlessly in HLS, HDS and MPEG-DASH. IPTV/OTT support

Robust CDN meets latest technology

 A CDN service provider, created a graphic that’s helpful in showing the difference between traditional web hosting and a CDN service:

cdn servers
3.9 Tbps+ daily traffic peaks

Redundant global network designed to absorb peaks of all sizes.

Latest technology

CDN supports TLS 1.2/3, Brotli, HTTP/2 Server Push, and Let’s Encrypt.

30 PoPs worldwide

Strategic data centers in North America, Europe as well as 3 PoPs South America and 12 PoPs in Asia

24/7 Live support

In-house engineers with a live chat response time.

Compare CDN providers

Join over 17,771 websites using our NASA CDN Technology

cdn world

CMS Integration

We offer simple integrations for: WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop and SocialEngine.

We support all major CMS software and include step-by-step instructions to guide you through the integration.

its as easy as 1,2,3 . One settings one URL to add. The rest is done automatically via our VPS/HTTPS2 Servers.

Be in control

Connect your website to our network in no more than 3 minutes with our friendly user interface.

CDN Storage

Decrease the load on your server by uploading and serving large files through our CDN Storage

24/7 Support

No bots but a team of high-educated in-house engineers available in real-time on our live chat

Traditional web hosting typically relies on a small network of data centers spread out across a country or geographic region. While delivering a reliable web experience to visitors located in the same country as you usually is no problem, your overseas visitors might not be so lucky. Sometimes, the issue isn’t even geographic in nature. It could simply be the amount of stress placed on your web server by the amount of traffic, download requests, or visual content stored on your server.

What a CDN does is assume the majority of the server load, sparing your main web host the burden of carrying it all. This is because CDNs have far-flung data centers that help shorten the distance between your website and its visitors, no matter where they are located. And, so, the cached static pages of your WordPress site can be more quickly delivered to visitors.

Want to see the comparison with Amazon CloudFront, Fastly and KeyCDN?

Cloudflare’s pricing model and estimation

The free plan is certainly unique but can’t be compared with paid plans of other major CDN providers due to its limitations. Cloudflare charges per plan, domain, the number of features and solutions enabled (called “rules”), traffic using their smart routing and so on.

We took into account the features and solutions other providers usually offer by default followed by a traffic cost estimation using Argo Smart Routing pricing with 10% ingress. 50 and 100TB plans are high enough to apply for custom enterprise plan pricing starting at $5000.

Where is the comparison with MaxCDN?

We used to have MaxCDN in both Monthly Plan and PAYG comparison tables but they have been acquired by StackPath and completely integrated into its service starting July 2018. MaxCDN services are therefore no longer available for new client

cdn network delivery

What our customers say about us

”This must be NASA Technology, i used cloudflare business £25 per month and its no where near the speed of this” Fight &”

”We used Amazon AWS for a year, when we moved our SEO and CDN to SEO Experteer the speed was noticeable, it even helped rankings!”

”Since i moved my SEO and CDN to SEO Experteer i noticed many errors that our in house experts did not see”