CDN Features

cdn features

Give your website the CDN it deserves and take it to the next level with these technologies: HTTP/2 Server Push with every new CDN Resource, as it is revolutionary in many aspects. Do not let HTTP/1.1 block the potential of your website. HTTP/2 reduces latency by allowing for multiplexing and by compressing the headers.



Keep all the advantages of fully secured website by choosing the right SSL Certificate from our variety of options.We provide multiple options for free SSL with your CNAME


New compression algorithm from Google allows for better space utilization and faster loading time of your website. Brotli is a brand new compression algorithm, introduced by Google in 2015. CDN to implemention in 2016.  It’s pretty amazing.

These features will help you stay ahead of your competition for 

CDN Content Delivery Network


Data Centre Control

You have full control over choosing data centers from our network. You can turn them on and off anytime.

CDN Storage

Reduce the load on your server by uploading larger files directly to our CDN Storage.

API Integration

Get your hands on our powerful API and create a bridge between the CDN and your application or website

Purge Files

We give you full control over the files which are stored on our servers.

CDN Reports

We provide email logs for general analysis of your CDN as well as premium service raw logs.

CMS Integration

We support effortless integration of popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla with our CDN