January 24, 2019



Facebook has over 1.9 billion monthly users
Over 90% of Americans aged 18 to 49 use Facebook.
One in every 4 minutes on a mobile phone is spent on Facebook.
Every month over 2.9 billion comments are left on Facebook business pages.

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FACEBOOK MARKETING – The statistics speak for themselves. Facebook isn’t just popular, it’s an important part of everyday life. Like watching television or listening to the radio on the way to work. Facebook has become a part of our routine. We can help with that.


SEO Experteer Agency handles all of the hard work of running your Facebook marketing, with our Copy writing Department, Graphic Designers, and Social Media Managers using their experience to offer a service that covers all areas:

Initial and Regular Facebook Page Optimization
Creation and Regular Facebook Profile Account Optimization
Dedicated Manager with Regular Facebook Page and Facebook Profile Account Management
Execution of Facebook Marketing Strategy (Outreach and Engagement)
Custom Content Posted to Your Facebook Page
Custom Content Posted to Your Facebook Profile Account
Advertising Management 
Lead Generation Outreach
Custom Branded Facebook Group Development and Management
Custom Content Posted to Your Facebook Group
Facebook Group Outreach 
Message Automation

website analytics

Surveys and Polls
Development of Chatbots
Chat bot Broadcasts
Development of Contests/Giveaways
Monthly Reporting and Live Reporting Deck
30 minutes Monthly Strategy Presentation and Meeting

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Engaging with your clients is an important aspect of Facebook marketing, we understand the main goal is to create new business. With that in mind, we find using Facebook Advertising is crucial for any Facebook marketing strategy. To this end, we manage your Facebook Ads by:

Creating a target audience that is interested in your business.
Writing advertisements tailor-made for that audience.
Constantly optimising your ads so they’re hitting the people that want to see them.
The end result is more awareness of your business and more sales.